Scope of work:
Technical support
Bilingual website
Website development

Collaboration on the project
with a German company

While collaborating with a German company, responsible for the website design and client communication, we focused on its programming, creating a project that dynamically evolved over the past few months. The work began with a platform consisting of around 30 subpages, but over time, we expanded it with new components and functionalities, making the website increasingly advanced and personalized.

Currently, the website supports two languages and includes over 300 subpages, demonstrating its comprehensiveness and scalability. The addition of features such as 360° virtual tours, an online magazine, numerous reference projects, and multiple contact forms has transformed it into a comprehensive and informative online hub, presenting the company’s offerings and specialized knowledge in the field of control and operations rooms.

JST Jungmann: Modernity and Functionality in Website Design

The Jungmann website not only sets new standards in responsive design and functionality but also serves as a key tool for further development and increasing sales of the company.

JST Jungmann Systemtechnik® is a leader in the analysis, planning, and implementation of control rooms, and the website we had the pleasure to develop perfectly reflects this sophistication and professionalism. Clients from various sectors such as nuclear power plants, police headquarters, production management centers, and IT operation centers appreciate Jungmann’s extensive experience, which is clearly highlighted on the website through impressive references.

Our project not only met but also exceeded the client’s expectations, providing a foundation for further development and the introduction of innovative solutions. This is an example of how technical skills and creative approach can lead to creating exceptional, functional, and aesthetically pleasing websites that support the business goals of our clients.

I am thrilled with the skills and dedication of our web developer team!

I am thrilled with the skills and dedication of our web developer team! We have been working together for years and I am constantly amazed at the creative solutions and technical mastery that the front-end developers at Web Design Talents bring to each project! They know how to make our visions come true and are always ready to think outside the box. I can recommend the team without hesitation and look forward to more successful collaborations!

Katarzyna Tichnowetzki
Excellent cooperation

Excellent cooperation. Professionalism in customer service, commitment to the project, and of course, the final result – just as we expected. I recommend 🙂

Ola Bendek