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Corporate website and Visual identity

Scope of work:
Visual Identity
Speed optimization
Technical support

a vision of photovoltaics tailored to the customer

Bpower is one of the fastest-growing companies in the photovoltaic industry in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship. As part of our collaboration, we created a new version of the website and visual identification, as their previous version lagged behind current standards both visually and technically.

Project Objective
and challenges.

The main goal of the project was to create a website that presents Bpower as a professional and trustworthy company for photovoltaic installation or heat pump assembly. In addition, the website is to serve the additional function of initially presenting the offer and encouraging interested parties to contact the salesperson.

During our analysis of Bpower’s operations, we identified key challenges the company faces:


  • low online authenticity, lack of displayed offer – The old website was not responsive, preventing customers from viewing it on mobile devices
  • no real benefits of installing photovoltaic panels for the customer presented
  • Lack of real-time quick offer creation by salespeople during meetings with clients.

Based on a detailed analysis of Bpower’s needs, we proposed specific remedial actions:


  • BPower’s Image: Presenting BPower as a professional and trustworthy company for photovoltaic installation or heat pump assembly. Creation of a slider with past projects carried out by Bpower and adding customer reviews to the website.
  • Full Compatibility: The website is responsive and can be viewed on phones and tablets. Practical Tools for the Client: Creation of a savings calculator, through which the customer can see how much they can save over the years.
  • More Efficient Sales: Creation of an Offer Generator for photovoltaic salespeople. Thanks to this generator, the salesperson is able to create a professional offer tailored to the client’s needs in real-time during meetings with clients.

Updating While Keeping Consistency

The first step was to refresh the company’s logo, transforming it into a vector version. Until now, the client only had a raster format of the logo in a png file. This was essential because the company actively participates in various social campaigns, and their logo appears in newspapers and on leaflets. Without a vector version, the printed logo did not look its best.

During the process of getting to know the brand, as part of refreshing the visual identification, we prepared a new variant of the logo. However, after broader consultations, we concluded that changing the logo at the current stage of the company would be confusing for the audience, so we decided to continue working in line with the original direction. The culmination of our collaboration was also an update of some parts of the visual identification, which now supports the company in its operations.

Mockup of the
new structure

Before starting the website design, it’s a good practice to create a mockup that presents the functional outline and the arrangement of elements on the page. This allows for a focus on ease of use and effective information delivery.

After creating the mockup, we analyzed it together with the client and developed a joint version, which became the basis for the new version of the website.

New design

After receiving the mockup’s approval, our team enters the next stage – designing the new website’s look. Our graphic designer carefully selects the color palette and creates a consistent, attractive design. Once the visual concept is approved by the client, we move on to the coding and implementation stage.

of the website

For the website creation, we chose the WordPress CMS with a custom template designed specifically for this project. Creating websites on our own template, rather than on a template offered, for instance, on ThemeForest, provides us with several key benefits:

  • We can almost perfectly replicate the graphic design onto the website.
  • We have broad possibilities for website optimization, resulting in its lightning-fast loading.
  • The user interface for content input is extremely intuitive.

When creating websites, we always ensure that content addition is as simplified as possible. WordPress has for some time been offering a content management system using blocks. As part of the project, we divided the entire design into separate blocks from which subpages can be assembled like Lego bricks. The screenshot below shows what the editing of the first block on the main page looks like.

Ekran edycji treści na stronie głównej, który pozwala w prosty sposób dodawać zmiany. Podgląd witryny znajduje się po lewej stronie, natomiast interfejs do wpisywania danych znajduje się w prawym pasku bocznym.


One of the intriguing challenges in this project was creating a calculator that calculates the savings resulting from the installation of photovoltaic systems. It allows for a quick understanding of how much money will remain in the investor’s pocket after deciding on the installation.

of the website

A fast website compliant with Core Web Vitals not only improves its position in search results but also ensures a longer user presence on the website. After programming the site, we focused on its optimization to ensure satisfactory performance results in leading analytical services. Thanks to our custom template, even without additional optimization tools, the site achieves very good results. After several minutes of fine-tuning, we achieved a result we are pleased with.

Below we have our optimization result, and on the right side, the result of the old site.

of the website

After completing the programming and thorough testing, we were ready for publication. Upon receiving all access data, we carried out a website replacement during its off-peak hours to avoid causing inconvenience for potential customers.

Care and consultations
after the project completion

After the project was completed, the marketing department of Bpower decided to continue our collaboration. As part of a subscription, we take care of the website and ensure that everything works perfectly. We invite you to familiarize yourself with our WordPress website maintenance service.

Excellent cooperation

Excellent cooperation. Professionalism in customer service, commitment to the project, and of course, the final result – just as we expected. I recommend 🙂

Ola Bendek
I am thrilled with the skills and dedication of our web developer team!

I am thrilled with the skills and dedication of our web developer team! We have been working together for years and I am constantly amazed at the creative solutions and technical mastery that the front-end developers at Web Design Talents bring to each project! They know how to make our visions come true and are always ready to think outside the box. I can recommend the team without hesitation and look forward to more successful collaborations!

Katarzyna Tichnowetzki